Free Video Poker Game Sites

Free video poker game is one of the favorite versions of poker that most of the poker junkies often look today. With that introduction to the world of the poker industry, many of the people considered playing a free video poker game more fun and exciting. It is for the fact that the free video poker game involves a combination of both poker and slots, in which the poker player can definitely sight a strong possibility of winning.

As such, it is no doubt that many of the companies even online today catered to offering free video poker games since the number of free video poker game players continue to grow. With that, it is therefore necessary to mention some of the great free video poker game sites on the web today, since those sites are one of the primary source of information about the free video poker games.

So for those who love playing free video poker games, here are some of the most trusted sites that really give you the chance to play free video poker game whether online or offline. Just note that these are just among the hundreds of free video poker game sites that are noted for excellence.

One of the most trusted sites for free video poker game is This one of the trusted sites for free (and paid) video poker actually offered their free video poker game for the video poker lovers to enjoy playing. With that, they provide various versions of the video poker like the Deuces Wild and many others to create an absolutely unique, fun, and thrilling experience on the internet. Besides, they also provide simple to reference strategy charts for a perfect free video poker game play.

To further enhance the interest of the readers, another successful and most trusted site for free video poker game is the Betway which provides several variations of free video poker games for those who love the video poker, without involving real money. As such, this free video poker game site is noted to have the excellent free video poker games which are intended just for fun and practice. With this site, you will definitely learn some facts about the video poker for they have some resources for video poker related information such as the strategies, rules on how to play, and a lot more.

Finally, here is the CasinoEuro. Recently, they provide their free video poker game which is also free for download. This free video poker game that they devised is called the “Ugly Poker” which is really ugly, straightforward video poker game for Macintosh.

Despite of its being ugly, many considered I to be beautiful for the reason that this free video poker game contains no adware or spyware and it is absolutely free. It is also interesting to note that this certain free video poker game has a bit difference with the standard video poker to which the people are accustomed, for the reason that in place of using the usual Ace, Kind, Queen, and Jack, it uses the Francophone version 1, R(oi), D(ame), and V(alet) respectively. This really sounds interesting plus the fact that most players will find that it takes little time to become familiar with it.

Texas Hold’em Table

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker versions in card game history. It is the game you see played on ESPN’s broadcasts of World Series of Poker. It is also the game commonly played in casinos and at home. You also find a lot of Texas Hold’em tables online.

Below are some websites that feature Texas Hold’em tables and game rooms.

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– Texas Hold’em Table

The is one of the top game server sites that host various Texas Hold’em tables. In their Texas Hold’em tables, you can play poker online with over 1,000,000 players. It doesn’t matter what platform you are using – whether you have a Windows or Mac or Linux. The Texas Hold’em tables at the EuroPoker have great compatibility.

To start playing in their Texas Hold’em tables, you only need to fill up a simple form to register your account. And once you’re done, you can opt to play in these Texas Hold’em tables for real money or play money. – Texas Hold’em Table

At, you get a chance to play various Texas Hold’em tables online and all at the same time. You only need to have a free yahoo account to start playing in their featured Texas Hold’em tables.

The CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em tables are separated into four lounges that determine what your game grade is. If you’re a beginner, you would most likely want to play at CrazyPokers Texas Hold’em table for beginners, called the Beginner Lounge. Or if you want players of more serious caliber, you can also play at Texas Hold’em tables for intermediate or advanced players. If you want variations in your playing styles, Yahoo also has a Texas Hold’em table for all kinds of players. – Texas Hold’em Table

PartyPoker holds the largest Texas Hold’em tables with the most number of players. During peak hours, the number of players at PartyPoker’s Texas Hold’em tables reaches up to 19,000. Their Texas Hold’em tables may be no-limit or high-limits. If you want to play for real money in their Texas Hold’em tables, you can get 20% on first deposit up to $100 maximum.

Texas Hold’em Tournament Rule

Below are a set of basic Texas Hold’em tournament rules you can follow when you play the game.

Texas Hold’em Tournament Rule 1 – Identify the dealer

In Texas Hold’em tournament rule no. 1, the dealer is identified using the dealer button, a device made of plastic. When the dealer is determined, the Texas Hold’em tournament requires all players to take their turns at betting on a clockwise manner, starting to the left of the dealer. The player who is immediately to the left of the dealer will assume the dealer button after each round is completed.

Texas Hold’em Tournament Rule 2 – Make the Blinds

The Texas Hold’em tournament rule no. 2 requires the two players sitting to the left of the dealer to make the first bets. The one sitting closes to the dealer places in the “small blind” which, according to basic Texas Hold’em tournament rules, is equivalent to half of the minimum bet. The other player will make the “big blind” and this is equivalent to the minimum bet, as stated in the basic Texas Hold’em tournament rules.

Say, for example the betting structure adopted is $2/4. This means that, according to the Texas Hold’em tournament rules, the small blind should be $1 and the big blind should be $2.

Texas Hold’em Tournament Rule 3 – Starting the Rounds

The Texas Hold’em tournament rules require that the dealer give two pocket cards to each player and place down five more at the center of the table. These five cards are called community cards and will be dealt face up later in the game. Texas Hold’em tournament rule no. 3 requires the player next to the one who posted the big blind will now start the first betting round.

Texas Hold’em Tournament Rule 4 – The Flop, Turn, and River

In Texas Hold’em tournament rules, the flop is the stage where the first three of the community cards are “flopped” or revealed. After the initial betting round, the player who made the big blind has an option to “bet” or “check” the previous player’s call. Checking in Texas Hold’em tournament rules means that the player may pass if no bet has been made.

The fourth card that is dealt face up is called the turn and this signals the end of the second betting round and the beginning of the third round. After the third round, the Texas Hold’em tournament rule no. 4 requires the delaer to open another community card, called the river or fifth street.

Texas Hold’em Tournament Rule 5 – The Showdown

After the final betting round is completed, Texas Hold’em tournament rule no. 5 requires all players to show their hands. The first one to reveal his cards is the one immediately to the left of the dealer. The rest of the players follow clockwise from left, choosing either to fold or show.

CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular casino card games in the world. Perhaps television had something to do with that as various hit shows brought the game to the living room. Now, nearly everyone is curious and wanting to play Texas Hold’em.

Texas Hold’em tables are consistently played online. Players from all over the world can play their favorite poker game just by sitting in front of their computer. Several websites actually feature online Texas Hold’em games. One of these websites is Texas Hold’em is an intricate community of poker players from all over the world. At Texas Hold’em, you can have the choice of joining the game and pit your skills against other skilled opponents. Or, if you’re the observer type, you can opt to stay in the sidelines and watch as the Texas Hold’em game unfolds. Texas Hold’em features several global game rooms. A set of these rooms at CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em are the Social Lounges. Currently, Texas Hold’em has six social lounges. The Texas Hold’em Social Lounge game rooms are open to all types of players – beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Another set of game rooms at CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em is the Beginner Lounge with six game rooms total. One of these Texas Hold’em Beginner Lounge game rooms is full with 199 players online. The CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em Beginner Lounge is where newbies to the poker game gather together to either play or exchange instant messages. For each CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em game room, a chatroom has been provided to let the players and non-players interact with each other. The CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em Beginner Lounge has by far the most interactive chatrooms among all four game rooms.

The third set of CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em game rooms is the Intermediate Lounge. This CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em game room is where the moderate players are gathered. Players who know the basic strategies of the game and are now ready to play real poker usually prefer this room at CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em. The CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em Intermediate Lounge has six rooms all in all. Each CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em Intermediate Lounge game room has its own set of chatrooms and instant message options. Like in all other game rooms at CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em, the user has the option to either join or watch a game.

The fourth and last set of CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em game rooms is the Advanced Lounge. This CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em game room set is where serious players get down and play poker. There are a total of six game rooms for the CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em Advanced Lounge. Like the rest of the game rooms at CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em, the Advanced Lounge also has chatrooms and instant messaging options. Players use these CrazyPoker Texas Hold’em features to chat idly or to exchange basic strategies to help them improve their game.

Texas Hold’em Secret

The popularity of Texas Hold’em was most probably due to hit television shows, such as World Poker Tour and Celebrity Poker Showdown. Texas Hold’em experts have written that the best-kept Texas Hold’em secret to winning lies in your two starting pocket cards. But the odds change when the flop comes down. This time, you need to adopt a better Texas Hold’em secret strategy.

Texas Hold’em Secret Strategies

Let’s say for example, a flop reveals an ace, a 9, and a 4. Now, if you’re holding an ace and a king, this is not a problem but what if you have a 9/10 pair? Making a call with that kind of “middle pair” is a hard decision to arrive at and this is what Texas Hold’em secrets are all about.

It’s delicate business when you have a “secondary” piece of the flop to manage your hand. Being able to read your opponents is one of the best Texas Hold’em secrets to learn but it is hard work reading expressions. Here’s an example of a Texas Hold’em secret formula from the website.

Texas Hold’em Secret Formula

If you know that there are high cards out there and you have flopped your second best pair already, there is a great possibility that one player got the top pair. “How many outs do I have?” should be the Texas Hold’em secret question you need to be asking when making a call/fold decision. An out is any single card that comes out of the deck. A Texas Hold’em secret strategy is to calculate the ration between your outs and your probable winners.

For example, you have 4 outs and one probable winner on the flop, a winning Texas Hold’em secret is to call one bet, but not a bet and a raise. If you have 10/J and the flop reveals 7/9/A, you can tell that most likely, someone’s got a pair of aces. However, if an eight comes out during the next deal, a straight is made for you. The four 8s are your four outs.

Another Texas Hold’em secret is to call one bet when you get to the turn and you have at least 6 outs to one probable winner. If your hand similar to that above and you’ve come this far without a winning hand, a Texas Hold’em secret is to fold.

The Texas Hold’em secret to winning is not about your pocket cards but about how you decide on what to hold and what to fold. Your outs may either cost you money or hands so make sure you keep that in mind when you total them.

Texas Hold’em Percentage

Texas Hold’em poker game calls for a little math. Here are some basic steps for you to calculate your Texas Hold’em percentage.

Texas Hold’em Percentage – Hand and Poker Odds

Hand odds are your chances of making a hand in Texas Hold’em poker. To calculate your Texas Hold’em percentage and hand odds, you need to consider your starting cards and the cards at the flop.

If say for example, your starting cards are two spades and the flop shows two other spades. 2 to 1 are your hand odds at making a flush, making your Texas Hold’em percentage at 50. This means that you have one chance of making a flush out of three hand plays. If your hand odds are 3 to 1 however, then your Texas Hold’em percentage is 75. You would hit your hand one out of four times.

You can calculate your hand odds and Texas Hold’em percentage by knowing how many outs you have. Outs are cards in the deck that help you make your poker hand. Suppose you hold an ace and a king of spades and the flop shows two other spades. Since there are only 13 cards of each suit, you have 9 cards that can be considered as outs. 9 to 1 hand odds mean a Texas Hold’em percentage of 10 – not necessarily the best hand. In general, outs supposedly count towards a nut draw but with this kind of odds and Texas Hold’em percentage, it is not possible.

Then again, it’s always possible that someone else might be holding another spade and that decreases your outs to 8. But usually though, you do not know for sure if a player is holding one of your outs or not so most of the time, when you calculate your Texas Hold’em percentage, you do it as if you’re the only player on board. With this in mind, calculating your Texas Hold’em percentage therefore depends on the knowledge made available to you, namely, your pocket cards and the cards on the table.

Texas Hold’em Percentage – How to calculate hand odds

Now that you know the basic nature of outs and how to count them, the next step would be to calculate your Texas Hold’em percentage by calculating your hand odds. Once you find out how many outs you have, you can multiply that by 4 and you will get the nearest estimate to your Texas Hold’em percentage of hitting that hand from the flop. So, if you have 4 outs, then your Texas Hold’em percentage is 16% at flop. However, getting your Texas Hold’em percentage is different when you base it from the turn. Multiply your outs by 2 to get a rough estimate of your Texas Hold’em percentage. So, 4 outs times 2 is equivalent to 8% Texas Hold’em percentage.

Texas Hold’em Poker Set

If you want to play Texas Hold’em at home, then you need a good quality Texas Hold’em poker set that includes all the basic things to ensure great poker fun. Fortunately, the Internet offers a wide variety of Texas Hold’em poker sets available for purchase or online order. Below are some websites where you can get Texas Hold’em poker sets and other gaming accessories. – Texas Hold’em Poker Set is a site where you can shop for a wide array of poker products from poker chips and table tops to Texas Hold’em poker sets and poker racks. Their Texas Hold’em poker set is a professional kit featuring 200 professional weight poker chips, a felt playing surface, a poker chip rack, and one deck of poker cards. In addition, you also get a dealer button and poker manual to teach how to play the game well.

Another Texas Hold’em poker set available at this site is the Aluminum Case Deluxe Poker Set. Get 200 dual-toned chips and 2 decks of playing cards with this product, along with the dealer button, instructions on Texas Hold’em, and the sleek aluminum case for great portability. – Texas Hold’em Poker Set

OtherLandToys lets you enjoy a Vegas-style game with their Texas Hold’em poker set right from the comfort of your home. Manufactured by Cardinal Industries, this Texas Hold’em poker set contains 200 casino quality poker chips, a large felt playing surface, a poker chip rack, 1 deck of playing cards, 1 dealer button, and a set of instructions. Cardinal’s Texas Hold’em poker set comes in a very sturdy and colorful collector’s tin case that measures 10” wide by 8” long by 4” high. This product by Cardinal Industries is also available at

IWantOneOfThose – Texas Hold’em Poker Set

IWantOneOfThose is another online shopping site where you can order all kinds of products, including poker games and accessories. The site’s Texas Hold’em poker set is contained in a fashionable tin container and packed with 200 professional heavy-weight and quality poker chips. The set also includes a felt playing surface for smooth game action, poker chip racks, a dealer button, and instructions. In addition, this Texas Hold’em poker set also includes 100 extra poker chips to ensure that you have all the chips that you need. – Texas Hold’em Poker Set

BoysStuff lets you have serious poker fun with their professional quality Texas Hold’em poker set. Complete with a felt playing surface, 1 deck of poker cards, and 200 pro weight and quality chips, this set is designed to let you enjoy poker like in a casino. In addition, the Texas Hold’em poker set includes a poker chip rack, a dealer button, and a set of instructions that are easy to follow. – Texas Hold’em Poker Set

At Amazon, you can get a Texas Hold’em poker set that is designed specifically for tournament plays. Play against 2 or more players using the quality accessories included in this Texas Hold’em poker set. The website lets you buy the brand-new set or order used ones for a lower price.

Practice Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the simplest version of poker that provides the perfect starting for beginners. Unlike Omaha High or 7-card stud, Texas Hold’em entails lesser possibilities when you calculate the odds. In a few minutes of studying the game basics, you can start playing Texas Hold’em with enough street credibility.

However, if you want to play the game well, you need to practice Texas Hold’em. And the only way to practice Texas Hold’em is by playing it and playing it often. Fortunately, there are a lot of online poker rooms that allows you to practice Texas Hold’em. Below are some of the sites that feature poker rooms for those who want to practice Texas Hold’em.

Practice Texas Hold’em at

Since its opening in 2001, PartyPoker is now the biggest poker room in the world. If you want to practice Texas Hold’em tournaments with up to 4,500 players online at any given time, then PartyPoker is the poker room for you. The site offers High, Hi/Lo, Pot, and limit games for your enjoyment. And when you feel like you’re done practicing and ready to face games for real money, you can sign up and get a bonus of up to 20%.

Practice Texas Hold’em at

As a partner of PartyPoker, when you sign up with EmpirePoker, you will use the PartyPoker software to play and practice Texas Hold’em. You can practice Texas Hold’em in EmpirePoker’s diverse limit games – high, pot, or no limit. Through this site, you can interact and play against players numbering up to 20,000 at any given time from all over the world. You can also practice Texas Hold’em at tournament games for real money and stand to win 1 million in prize money.

Practice Texas Hold’em at

A registered legal business in San Jose, Costa Rica, is home to the Big Series of Online Poker (BSOOP), which is the largest online tournament. If you want to improve your style in tournament gaming, then practice Texas Hold’em at this site. Play for high, pot, or no limit at single or multi-table tournaments. During the site’s peak times, you can face up to 5000 member opponents and have a real ball when you practice Texas Hold’em poker.

Practice Texas Hold’em at

LadBrokes is the fifth largest poker site in the Internet. It has around 200-500 players online at a given time. One of the good things you can get when you practice Texas Hold’em at this site is that its peak times are different from those of sites based on US time schedules. So this literally means you can play and practice Texas Hold’em poker 24/7.

Practice Texas Hold’em at

Operated by eWorld Holdings, Inc., UltimateBet is based in Antigua and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. You can practice Texas Hold’em at this site that offers a wide variety of games from high, pot, to no limit. Play and practice Texas Hold’em on anywhere from 100 to 300 tables with 2000 to 4000 players. You also have the option to join a one-on-one play, as well as tournaments on single or multi-tables.

Texas Hold’em Palm

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most widely played games in online poker rooms today. Because the basics of the game are simple to understand, beginners and seasoned players want play it. The Internet is a rich source of Texas Hold’em download products for your PC and Texas Hold’em Palm games for people on the go.

Below are two of the latest Texas Hold’em Palm games to hit the market. Also included are online shopping sites where you can find these Texas Hold’em Palm OS software.

Texas Hold’em Palm Calculator Software

Manufactured by, the Texas Hold’em palm calculator v1.0 is the first calculator that would help you calculate your odds for online poker. The program features excellent graphics and a superb array of options. By helping you determine which starting hands are potential winners, this Texas Hold’em palm calculator can greatly increase your chances of winning in online poker.

Get accurate data and calculate your gaming probabilities and statistics with this Texas Hold’em palm calculator available at several websites, such as FreewarePPC, Download-By, GameAlbum, and more.

Texas Hold’em palm calculator works in two ways. Based on the number of players in a game, it calculates the percentage of your hand odds. So for instance, there are two players in a game. You only need to put in that information and data from your starting cards and the unique program that operates this Texas Hold’em palm calculator will tell you that your odds percentage is 36.6%. Your odds change when more players join. Say, there are six players in your game. The Texas Hold’em palm calculator will register 9.9% of you hitting a hand.

The Texas Hold’em palm calculator also works by analyzing your probability of winning using the odds percentage you get. The program has a file size of 88KB and is supported by all Pocket PC OS – Windows, CE, Palm, and Symbian.

Aces Texas Hold’em Palm Game Software

Aces Texas Hold’em Palm game is the newest software product released by ConcreteSoft. Featuring 6 different table limits with any number of players, this Texas Hold’em palm game will help you improve your playing style and strategy to help you play poker like the pros. Other features included are options where you can change the settings of your opponents, like set their intelligence levels perhaps for a more realistic, and diverse poker fun.

The Aces Texas Hold’em Palm game is available in many download sites such as ClickGAmer, PDATopSoft, GameAlbum, et cetera. You can play this game software in any Palm OS 3.5/4.0/4.1/5.0, Treo 600, or Symbian. Equipped with great graphics and various options, mobile gaming is made more fun with this Texas Hold’em palm software.

Aside from the Aces Texas Hold’em palm software, ConcreteSoft has also released the Aces No Limit Texas Hold’em palm game. Featuring the same controls and options as the original Aces Texas Hold’em, this newer version includes an additional option where you can call out your opponents on an “all-in” bet or bet any amount you want.

Play against up to 22 players whose intelligence levels you can modify or set for greater diversity in this Texas Hold’em palm game. Players statistics and other useful data are displayed on the color screen. You also have the option to save your game for you to resume later.

Texas Hold’em Software

Texas Hold’em poker is the version of poker you most often see played in casinos, television broadcasts of the World Series of Poker, and club houses. Now, it seems that Texas Hold’em has also invaded the Internet world as more and more net users play in online poker tournaments and casinos.

Most of the websites that feature Texas Hold’em poker rooms require their users to download their Texas Hold’em software. Below are some of these websites where you can get Texas Hold’em software available for download. – Texas Hold’em Software

Amazon is the No 1 website of the Turbo Poker, the #1 rated Texas Hold’em software for twelve years straight. The Turbo Texas Hold’em software is comprised of three modules: profile, lineup, and the game itself.

The Profile module lets you customize players. The Lineup allows you to choose which players you want to play against. The Game lets you play with 2 to 10 players with limits of your choice, and statistical reporting presented in 3-D bar charts or graphs. The Turbo Texas Hold’em software also includes other great features, such as poker odds, blinds setting, betting amounts, Sidewinder Set for play evaluation, and replay hands.

To get this Texas Hold’em software, you need the following system requirements: Windows 3.1, Windows 95 through XP, or Mac with Virtual PC. – Texas Hold’em Software

RegNow offers a wide variety of poker games which you can download for minimum purchase price. One of their download products is the Texas Hold’em software Pro Version 2002. This Texas Hold’em software has five playing modes which allow you to play online, watch a game, play by case, normal play, or play to compete. The program includes several major features such as smart computer advisor, theoretical hand rankings display, and thousands of computer player options. You can choose your game limits, betting structures, and have the option to skip garbage hands.

To get this Texas Hold’em software, you need the following requirements: Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95. again – Texas Hold’em Software

RegNow also offers Texas Hold’em software on CD-ROM published by GameMill Publishing. The software is priced at $29.95 in retail but is available for free through this website, including shipping and delivery. This Texas Hold’em software features an excellent simulation of a real casino, complete with gaming tables and bars where you can order a virtual drink, the Wedding Chapel, and Guido’s Easy Loans where you can get funds when money is tight.

The Texas Hold’em software CD contains multiple casino games and the CD label will read “Vegas Jackpot Gold.” To this Texas Hold’em software, you need Windows 95/98/ME/XP or Mac.