Free Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker is considered as one of the simplest card games to learn. For this reason alone, the game became a favorite among poker players. But Texas Hold’em is not only popular among amateurs since the game involves a complex myriad of strategies and plans. Pros have also come to love the game as they test their wits against other “experts” in a good game of Texas Hold’em.

The popularity of Texas Hold’em became even more pronounced when television and the Internet hosted poker tournaments for the people’s enjoyment. The Internet, especially, has become a cornucopia of poker games. Several websites are offering free Texas Hold’em poker games available for download. Some also offer free Texas Hold’em games to be played online without the need for download. Still, others devote their pages entirely to the game, with free Texas Hold’em features, such as basic info, strategies, secrets, and game accessories.

Below are some of these websites that offer free Texas Hold’em features and games.

Free Texas Hold’em – Games for Download

Free Texas Hold’em games are a popular download choice for users who wish to play poker on- or offline. Most free Texas Hold’em games are licensed by Freeware and require an OS minimum of Windows 95. For Mac users, the least operating system required in order to download a free Texas Hold’em game is MacOS 9. offers free Texas Hold’em videogame software. This free Texas Hold’em videogame features skilled generated opponents as the software is for single player’s use only. Other websites also offer free Texas Hold’em games that can be downloaded but in order to play them, the user must the game servers of the sites.

Free Texas Hold’em – Online Game Rooms

For users who do not want the hassle of downloading and installing programs, they can still play free Texas Hold’em games online. Many websites host free Texas Hold’em game rooms where users can practice and improve their play. is one of the popular destinations for these free Texas Hold’em gamers. Other websites that feature free Texas Hold’em game rooms are and

Free Texas Hold’em – Informational Sites

Because of the popularity of this game, a lot of websites have cropped up offering free Texas Hold’em information. These free Texas Hold’em websites are often resource pages for anyone who is trying to learn the game. From basic game flow, to strategies and secrets, you can get these just by browsing through these free Texas Hold’em websites. is one of these free Texas Hold’em resource sites that provide you with information on the rules of the game, strategies you can learn, and game room secrets from pros.