Texas Hold’em Download

As one of the most popular casino card game in the world, Texas Hold’em is widely available for download over the Internet. Whether you want a free Texas Hold’em download or purchase a software program to play for real money in online casinos, you can get those and more.

Below are some popular websites where you can get Texas Hold’em download products.

ActionPoker.com – Texas Hold’em Download

The ActionPoker is an online poker room where poker players from all over the world gather and play for real money or for fun. The site features Texas Hold’em tournaments, Black Jack, and other casino games you can play online against over 1,000,000 on a Windows, Mac, or Linux platfor. To get this Texas Hold’em download, you need the following system requirements: Windows OS 98/2000/ME/XP, screen resolution 800 x 600 or better, and 20 MB free hard disk space.

Some of the features included in the PokerRoom’s Texas Hold’em download are dockable chat windows where you can easily follow the game table as well as the chat and a player classification option where you can customize player groups which are visible in both the lobby and the table windows.

Soft32.com – Texas Hold’em Download

Soft32 offers a 1.94 MB free Texas Hold’em downloadable game licensed by Freeware. You can play for singles in a unique Video Poker format and practice your game offline. One of the main draws of this software is its analysis feature which lets you find out your % rank relative to the cards in the deck.

To get this Texas Hold’em download, you need the following requirements: minimum Windows95, 800 x 600 screen resolution with 16-bit color, and Microsoft OS Windows 9x/ME/XP.

Download.com – Texas Hold’em Download

You can play poker as though you are in a real live game with Silver Table Gaming’s new Texas Hold’em download software available for free at Download.com. This game features Vegas-style action and various intelligent computer opponents to help you raise your game before you join the big stakes at online casinos. This Texas Hold’em downloadable game includes a table for up to 10 players, options to play single and muti-table tournaments, statistical analysis, and smart computer opponents.

To get this Texas Hold’em download, you need the following system requirements: Windows OS 98/NT/2000/XP and 3.11 MB free space.

BrotherSoft.com – Texas Hold’em Download

BrotherSoft offers Texas Hold’em Strategy 1.2.38, a Texas Hold’em downloadable program that would help you analyze which hands you should pursue during pre-flop betting and which hands could lead you to win. The Texas Hold’em Strategy 1.2.38 bases its calculations on real money data gathered from various actual hands in Texas Hold’em poker. With this Texas Hold’em download, you can greatly improve your strategy especially when you’re playing online. Know which hands are mostly likely to yield you a win and improve your game plan.

The Shareware version of the program is available for free download at this site with file size of 1488KB. You can also purchase the registered version of the game which has more features, including hand rankings. To get this Texas Hold’em download, you need the following system requirements: OS Windows 95/98/ME/NT/4.X/2000/XP.