Texas Holdem Game

Texas Holdem is the most popular version of poker played in casinos, clubs, and game houses. Texas Holdem poker is seen played over the Internet, on TV shows, and even on kitchen tables or living room sofas. Below are some popular online places where you can play Texas Holdem games.

Texas Holdem Game: Amazon.com

You can get a great Texas Holdem game software for peanuts at Amazon.com. You can feel the excitement of a live poker environment with this Texas Holdem game software that features ring games and tournaments. Pit your poker skills against skilled computer opponents and improve your playing style with this Texas Holdem software and then practice and make up some new strategies offline before you head on for real stakes at online game rooms.

This Texas Holdem game software uses Vegas-style game action to help the beginner and even the seasoned player improve his game. With up to 9 opponents in a table, you can opt to play in single or multi-player tournaments with this Texas Holdem game software. Also, get a chance to predict your chances at striking that ace with this Texas Holdem software’s statistical analysis feature.

The minimum requirement needed in order for you to get this Texas Holdem game software by Silver Table Gaming is Windows OS 98/NT/2000/XP.

Texas Holdem Game: Soft32.com

Software32 is a Freeware-licensed site that offers the Texas Holdem game, Video Poker 1.0.37. The file size of this Texas Holdem poker software is 1.94MB and takes only minutes to download if you have a high speed connection. This video poker game is designed specifically for single players to give you more control over your game.

The Texas Holdem game is displayed in a unique video poker format that requires an 800 x 600 16-bit high color screen resolution for great graphic details. You can calculate your percentage and odds for your pocket pair with the statistics feature of this Texas Holdem game software.

To get this Texas Holdem poker software, you need a Windows OS 9x/ME/XP.

Texas Holdem Game: Poki-Poker.com

Poki-Poker is the only Texas Holdem game that features artificial intelligence for greater interactivity. Called Poki’s Poker Academny, this Texas Holdem game software allows beginners and professionals alike to improve their winning strategies or learn new ones. With its multi-player ring games, you can play this Texas Holdem game against up to ten skilled computer players. Poki-Poker’s Texas Holdem poker software includes both Sparbot, Vexbot, and several other features.

Your poker learning rate increases if you play poker often with this Texas Holdem game software. Simulating real live poker environment, this Texas Holdem poker software lets you improve your game and increase your chances of winning. Learn what your hand odds are with this Texas Holdem software’s special feature called the Hand Evaluator. In addition to that, if you’re a programmer, you can even program your own opponent in this Texas Holdem game using a Meerket API plug-in. Start learning how to play poker and start learning how to play well with this Texas Holdem poker software.

For this Texas Holdem game software to run properly, you need a Windows or MacOS X.