Texas Hold’em Hands

The game of Texas Hold’em is all about hands. Listed below are the ten Texas Hold’em hands you will see when you start to play the game.

Texas Hold’em Hand – The Royal Straight Flush

The royal flush is the highest ranking poker hand in Texas Hold’em. This hand is also the rarest, even if you play often. The royal flush is similar to a hole-in-one-swing when you’re playing golf.

The royal flush Texas Hold’em hand is composed of five cards and all are of the same suit. What makes this hand different from all the other straights and flushes is that the royal flush is composed of all the face cards (Ace, King, Queen, and Jack) and a 10.

Texas Hold’em Hand – The Straight Flush

Next in ranking to the royal flush is the straight flush Texas Hold’em hand. This hand also occurs rarely and is made of up of five cards. The straight flush Texas Hold’em hand is of the same suit and numbered in series values. An example of this type of Texas Hold’em hand is a 6/7/8/9/10 or an A/2/3/4/5. An Ace may play both the lowest card and the highest in hand ranking.

Texas Hold’em Hand – The Four of a Kind

Sometimes called “quads,” this type of Texas Hold’em hand is comprised of four kinds of the same face value. For example, a K/K/K/K is a four of a kind.

Texas Hold’em Hand – The Full House

The full house Texas Hold’em hand may also be referred to as the “full boat” or “boat.” This hand has three cards of the same value and a pair. The full house Texas Hold’em hand occurs fairly often and to find out who wins, the three cards are used as the determining factor. The hand that has the higher three of a kind value wins.

Texas Hold’em Hand – The Flush

The flush Texas Hold’em hand is any five cards of the same suit.

Texas Hold’em Hand – The Straight

A straight is composed of five cards. To be considered a straight, your Texas Hold’em hand must be ranked in succession.

Texas Hold’em Hand – Three of a Kind

Three of kind is a Texas Hold’em hand of three cards with the same face value. If you are holding a pair in your pocket and you hit one on the flop, your hand is called a “set.” However, if the flop shows a pair and you have one card in your pocket, your hand is called “three of a kind.”

Texas Hold’em Hand – Two Pair

The two pair is a type of Texas Hold’em hand composed of two pairs. To determine the better hand, the one with the highest pair wins.

Texas Hold’em Hand – One Pair

The one pair occurs when you have two cards of the same value in your best hand. This Texas Hold’em hand is the commonest and the one you will be winning the most. A “kicker” is used when there is more than one player with a one pair. The one with the highest kicker wins.

Texas Hold’em Hand – High Card

The high card is a non pair Texas Hold’em hand. You can win with a high card if no other player makes any of the above combination.