Texas Hold’em Odds

Texas Hold’em is a game of wits. You will have to use a good amount of your skills and cunning in order to beat your opponents. Winning depends much on your Texas Hold’em odds and outs.

Outs are the cards left in the deck after your pocket cards and the community cards are dealt. You need the outs to complete or improve your hand. The outs you have, higher your Texas Hold’em odds at winning.

There is a standard chart used by players to calculate their Texas Hold’em odds and percentage of making a hand. This Texas Hold’em odds chart is based on the number of outs after the flop and after the turn.

Texas Hold’em Odds after the Flop

The first things you need to consider when calculating your Texas Hold’em odds are your pocket cards and the 3-card flop. If say for instance, you’re holding two spades and the flop shows two other spades. Your Texas Hold’em odds at making a flush are 2 to 1. This means that you have one chance of making a flush out of three hand plays. It’s different however when your Texas Hold’em odds are 3 to 1 as this would give you one chance out of four hits.

The numbers can get confusing. On the other hand, memorizing all the figures in the standard Texas Hold’em Odds chart is tedious. If memorization is not your strongest aspects, then you can use this formula to start computing your Texas Hold’em odds.

After the flop, you know that there are still two community cards left. Multiply your outs by four and you get the closest estimate of your Texas Hold’em odds. For instance, you have an Ace and a King of spades and the flop shows two other spades of different face values. By drawing on the knowledge that there are only 13 cards of each suit, you know that you have 9 outs. Your Texas Hold’em odds then are 9 to 1, meaning you get one chance out of nine in hitting a straight flush.

Texas Hold’em Odds After the Turn

The turn is the fourth community card that the dealer turns over. To calculate your Texas Hold’em odds after the turn, you need to consider your outs, your pocket cards, and the four community cards. Multiply your outs by two to get an estimate of your Texas Hold’em odds.

For example, after the flop, you get a four-card flush. Your number of outs is 9. To get a rough estimate of your Texas Hold’em odds, multiply 9 by 2. The percentage you get is 18%.