Texas Hold’em Palm

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most widely played games in online poker rooms today. Because the basics of the game are simple to understand, beginners and seasoned players want play it. The Internet is a rich source of Texas Hold’em download products for your PC and Texas Hold’em Palm games for people on the go.

Below are two of the latest Texas Hold’em Palm games to hit the market. Also included are online shopping sites where you can find these Texas Hold’em Palm OS software.

Texas Hold’em Palm Calculator Software

Manufactured by AdvMathAppl.com, the Texas Hold’em palm calculator v1.0 is the first calculator that would help you calculate your odds for online poker. The program features excellent graphics and a superb array of options. By helping you determine which starting hands are potential winners, this Texas Hold’em palm calculator can greatly increase your chances of winning in online poker.

Get accurate data and calculate your gaming probabilities and statistics with this Texas Hold’em palm calculator available at several websites, such as FreewarePPC, Download-By, GameAlbum, and more.

Texas Hold’em palm calculator works in two ways. Based on the number of players in a game, it calculates the percentage of your hand odds. So for instance, there are two players in a game. You only need to put in that information and data from your starting cards and the unique program that operates this Texas Hold’em palm calculator will tell you that your odds percentage is 36.6%. Your odds change when more players join. Say, there are six players in your game. The Texas Hold’em palm calculator will register 9.9% of you hitting a hand.

The Texas Hold’em palm calculator also works by analyzing your probability of winning using the odds percentage you get. The program has a file size of 88KB and is supported by all Pocket PC OS – Windows, CE, Palm, and Symbian.

Aces Texas Hold’em Palm Game Software

Aces Texas Hold’em Palm game is the newest software product released by ConcreteSoft. Featuring 6 different table limits with any number of players, this Texas Hold’em palm game will help you improve your playing style and strategy to help you play poker like the pros. Other features included are options where you can change the settings of your opponents, like set their intelligence levels perhaps for a more realistic, and diverse poker fun.

The Aces Texas Hold’em Palm game is available in many download sites such as ClickGAmer, PDATopSoft, GameAlbum, et cetera. You can play this game software in any Palm OS 3.5/4.0/4.1/5.0, Treo 600, or Symbian. Equipped with great graphics and various options, mobile gaming is made more fun with this Texas Hold’em palm software.

Aside from the Aces Texas Hold’em palm software, ConcreteSoft has also released the Aces No Limit Texas Hold’em palm game. Featuring the same controls and options as the original Aces Texas Hold’em, this newer version includes an additional option where you can call out your opponents on an “all-in” bet or bet any amount you want.

Play against up to 22 players whose intelligence levels you can modify or set for greater diversity in this Texas Hold’em palm game. Players statistics and other useful data are displayed on the color screen. You also have the option to save your game for you to resume later.