Texas Hold’em Rules

One of the most popular forms of casino poker, Texas Hold’em is easy to learn but requires intricate strategies, practice, and cunning skills to play it well. Below are some basic Texas Hold’em Rules to follow when you start playing the game.

Texas Hold’em Rule 1 – Dealer Button

In Texas Hold’em rules, a marker – called a dealer button — made of plastic indicates which player is the dealer. After identifying the dealer, players each take their turn playing their hands in a clockwise manner, starting to the dealer’s left. After each hand, the button is also moved clockwise to the next player who will now assume the position of dealer.

Texas Hold’em Rule 2 – Blinds

In basic Texas Hold’em rules, two players sitting to the left of the dealer place bets before the cards are dealt. These bets are called ‘small blind’ and ‘big blind’ and are used as a pot to play for. The amount of the small blind is half of the smallest structured bet. The big blind on the other hand is equal to the smallest structure bet, as specified by the Texas Hold’em rules.

Texas Hold’em Rule 3 – Pocket Cards

According to Texas Hold’em Rule No. 3, each player is given two cards as pocket cards. The pocket cards and the community cards (which will be dealt at a later stage) are what the poker players use in order to make their 5-card poker hand.

Texas Hold’em Rule 4 – First Betting Round

The player to the left of the player of who issued the big blind will make the first bet. The Texas Hold’em Rule No. 5 requires all players to continue betting in a clockwise manner until everyone has an equal stake in the pot.

Texas Hold’em Rule 5 – The Flop

After the first betting round, three community cards are dealt. These cards are collectively called a ‘flop’ which players then use to make up their hand. During the next betting round, players have another betting option called a ‘check.’ According to Texas Hold’em Rule No. 5, a check allows a player to pass if no bet has been made.

Texas Hold’em Rule 6 – The Turn

The fourth community card that is dealt after the second betting round is called the ‘turn.’

Texas Hold’em Rule 7 – The River

After the turn is dealt, the third betting round begins and the fifth and final community card is revealed called the ‘river’ or ‘fifth street.’ With that, the final betting round is initiated.

Texas Hold’em Rule 8 – End of the Hand

Upon completion of the final betting round, the Texas Hold’em Rule No. 5 allows the remaining players to show their cards to see who won the pot. The one beside the dealer will be the first to show his card and the rest of the players, in order, can choose to fold or show. The player with the highest 5-card poker hand wins the pot.