Texas Hold’em Secret

The popularity of Texas Hold’em was most probably due to hit television shows, such as World Poker Tour and Celebrity Poker Showdown. Texas Hold’em experts have written that the best-kept Texas Hold’em secret to winning lies in your two starting pocket cards. But the odds change when the flop comes down. This time, you need to adopt a better Texas Hold’em secret strategy.

Texas Hold’em Secret Strategies

Let’s say for example, a flop reveals an ace, a 9, and a 4. Now, if you’re holding an ace and a king, this is not a problem but what if you have a 9/10 pair? Making a call with that kind of “middle pair” is a hard decision to arrive at and this is what Texas Hold’em secrets are all about.

It’s delicate business when you have a “secondary” piece of the flop to manage your hand. Being able to read your opponents is one of the best Texas Hold’em secrets to learn but it is hard work reading expressions. Here’s an example of a Texas Hold’em secret formula from the GertGambell.com website.

Texas Hold’em Secret Formula

If you know that there are high cards out there and you have flopped your second best pair already, there is a great possibility that one player got the top pair. “How many outs do I have?” should be the Texas Hold’em secret question you need to be asking when making a call/fold decision. An out is any single card that comes out of the deck. A Texas Hold’em secret strategy is to calculate the ration between your outs and your probable winners.

For example, you have 4 outs and one probable winner on the flop, a winning Texas Hold’em secret is to call one bet, but not a bet and a raise. If you have 10/J and the flop reveals 7/9/A, you can tell that most likely, someone’s got a pair of aces. However, if an eight comes out during the next deal, a straight is made for you. The four 8s are your four outs.

Another Texas Hold’em secret is to call one bet when you get to the turn and you have at least 6 outs to one probable winner. If your hand similar to that above and you’ve come this far without a winning hand, a Texas Hold’em secret is to fold.

The Texas Hold’em secret to winning is not about your pocket cards but about how you decide on what to hold and what to fold. Your outs may either cost you money or hands so make sure you keep that in mind when you total them.