Texas Hold’em Software

Texas Hold’em poker is the version of poker you most often see played in casinos, television broadcasts of the World Series of Poker, and club houses. Now, it seems that Texas Hold’em has also invaded the Internet world as more and more net users play in online poker tournaments and casinos.

Most of the websites that feature Texas Hold’em poker rooms require their users to download their Texas Hold’em software. Below are some of these websites where you can get Texas Hold’em software available for download.

Amazon.com – Texas Hold’em Software

Amazon is the No 1 website of the Turbo Poker, the #1 rated Texas Hold’em software for twelve years straight. The Turbo Texas Hold’em software is comprised of three modules: profile, lineup, and the game itself.

The Profile module lets you customize players. The Lineup allows you to choose which players you want to play against. The Game lets you play with 2 to 10 players with limits of your choice, and statistical reporting presented in 3-D bar charts or graphs. The Turbo Texas Hold’em software also includes other great features, such as poker odds, blinds setting, betting amounts, Sidewinder Set for play evaluation, and replay hands.

To get this Texas Hold’em software, you need the following system requirements: Windows 3.1, Windows 95 through XP, or Mac with Virtual PC.

RegNow.com – Texas Hold’em Software

RegNow offers a wide variety of poker games which you can download for minimum purchase price. One of their download products is the Texas Hold’em software Pro Version 2002. This Texas Hold’em software has five playing modes which allow you to play online, watch a game, play by case, normal play, or play to compete. The program includes several major features such as smart computer advisor, theoretical hand rankings display, and thousands of computer player options. You can choose your game limits, betting structures, and have the option to skip garbage hands.

To get this Texas Hold’em software, you need the following requirements: Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95.

RegNow.com again – Texas Hold’em Software

RegNow also offers Texas Hold’em software on CD-ROM published by GameMill Publishing. The software is priced at $29.95 in retail but is available for free through this website, including shipping and delivery. This Texas Hold’em software features an excellent simulation of a real casino, complete with gaming tables and bars where you can order a virtual drink, the Wedding Chapel, and Guido’s Easy Loans where you can get funds when money is tight.

The Texas Hold’em software CD contains multiple casino games and the CD label will read “Vegas Jackpot Gold.” To this Texas Hold’em software, you need Windows 95/98/ME/XP or Mac.